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Posted to: Court | 23/11/2021

Take our Trivia Quiz and find out! Ten multiple choice questions and seven possible bonus points. Note your answers and check them using the link at the bottom. Then brag about your score by tweeting us @BCProvCourt.

Posted to: Court, Other Topics | 20/07/2021

While not without challenges, the Court’s use of technology during the last year to conduct some types of proceedings has increased access to justice for many people. Among other benefits, it has saved litigants and lawyers from travelling long distances for short court appearances.

Posted to: Court, Help | 08/07/2021

About half a million violation tickets are issued every year in BC. The provincial government, in consultation with the Provincial Court, has developed a new online tool to help people in BC decide how to deal with their tickets.

Posted to: Court, Law | 11/05/2021

Available as a podcast!

Posted to: Court | 04/05/2021

The BC Provincial Court has a history of working with communities to develop specialized courts to address specific needs. On May 6, 2021, the Court will open its 11th specialized sentencing court – its third integrated court – in Kelowna.