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Posted to: Court | 06/01/2021

Updated May 2021

The court lists posted online and in BC courthouses use short forms and acronyms (a short form made up of the first letters of the words being shortened). And even when judges and lawyers try to use words that everyone can understand, their speech can sometimes sound like alphabet soup.

Posted to: Court | 16/12/2020

Providing a forum of justice that is impartial, fair, consistent, and assures equal access for everyone is part of the mission of the Provincial Court of British Columbia. According people dignity and respect by using their correct titles and pronouns is one aspect of such a forum.

Posted to: Court | 09/12/2020

Although more and more judges and lawyers are trying to use plain language instead of legal jargon, you may still hear them use unfamiliar terms to describe the parts of a courtroom.

Posted to: Court, Law | 17/11/2020

Updated June 2022

Posted to: Court | 10/11/2020

This eNews has been updated and replaced by Updated joint Courts’ statement on face masks or face coverings, posted November 26, 2020.