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Posted to: Judges, Other Topics | 31/05/2023

Retired judge Brent Hoy has been described as “a gracious and humble trail-blazer” and “a model for the pan-Asian legal community”. A keynote speech he gave last fall at the BC Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers’ gala was very well-received – comments on it included “wise”, “richly insightful” and “beyond inspiring”.

Posted to: Court, Judges | 04/05/2023

During the pandemic the BC Provincial Court modified many of its front-end procedures to maintain British Columbians’ access to justice. Innovations like virtual conferences, virtual bail hearings, and digital court orders did more than that – they reduced barriers for court users and improved timely access. Because they’ve worked well those new procedures are here to stay.

Posted to: Judges | 07/03/2023

Forty years after they attended elementary school together, Judges Lorianna Bennett and Lynett Jung met again as Provincial Court judges. Both had attended George Slater Elementary School in Kamloops in the 1980s, but they only realized their childhood connection when a friend pointed it out.

Posted to: Judges | 07/02/2023

A “Renaissance person” is one with wide interests who is expert in several areas. There is no better description of Judge Gurmail Gill, the first person of South Asian heritage appointed to the BC Provincial Court.

Posted to: Judges | 22/11/2022

Most of the BC Provincial Court’s judicial justices are part-time judicial officers who may also do other work as long as it doesn’t conflict with their judicial duties in any way. For example, judicial justices may practise law, but not criminal law, because they deal with trials of provincial offence tickets, search warrant applications, and bail hearings.