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Posted to: Judges | 07/02/2023

A “Renaissance person” is one with wide interests who is expert in several areas. There is no better description of Judge Gurmail Gill, the first person of South Asian heritage appointed to the BC Provincial Court.

Posted to: Judges | 22/11/2022

Most of the BC Provincial Court’s judicial justices are part-time judicial officers who may also do other work as long as it doesn’t conflict with their judicial duties in any way. For example, judicial justices may practise law, but not criminal law, because they deal with trials of provincial offence tickets, search warrant applications, and bail hearings.

Posted to: Judges | 20/07/2022

Canada honours people who make extraordinary contributions to our nation by appointing them to the Order of Canada. In June, retired BC Provincial Court judge Marion Buller was appointed a member of the Order of Canada in recognition of “her leadership in Indigenous rights advocacy as the first woman of a First Nation to be appointed to the Provincial Court of British Columbia”.

Posted to: Judges | 12/07/2022

The Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) awarded Judge Thomas Gove (retired) an honorary Doctor of Laws degree at its 2022 Spring Convocation in June. The reward recognizes his “outstanding and sustained contributions to justice, public safety and service” during a 47-year career as a lawyer and judge.

Posted to: Judges, Law | 31/05/2022

The Court’s website offers a wide range of information and tools created by judges to help litigants prepare for and conduct their cases - guides, checklists, and tips to help with family, small claims, criminal, and traffic cases in the Provincial Court of British Columbia.