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Posted to: Court, Law | 16/05/2022

The BC Provincial Court and the provincial government are well into a multi-year effort to improve the way BC families can resolve disputes. New Provincial Court Family Rules have introduced changes as part of a continuing process of trying new ideas, evaluating them, and applying the lessons learned.

Posted to: Court, Help | 29/03/2022

203 frontline service providers, advocates, librarians, law students, lawyers, and other legal information providers joined Chief Judge Melissa Gillespie and Judges Kathryn Ferriss and Kristen Mundstock on February 24, 2022, for an introduction to the online information resources the Provincial Court of British Columbia offers litigants.

Posted to: Court, Judges | 15/02/2022

Knowing what to call a judge or other judicial officer when speaking to them in court can be a challenge. This eNews explains how to address the judicial officers of the Provincial Court of British Columbia. It also explains why people involved in court proceedings should not send anything to a judge.

Posted to: Court | 01/02/2022

The Provincial Court of British Columbia has published its 2020/21 Annual Report, “Finding New Pathways: learning from experience while keeping courts open & safe”.

Posted to: Court | 18/01/2022

When some court operations were suspended in March 2020 to reduce the spread of COVID, the BC Provincial Court’s specialized courts faced significant challenges. They had to find ways to continue the support and therapy they offer clients without endangering their health. The BC Provincial Court operates nine Indigenous and five other specialized courts.