"A Judge Explains" series

A Judge Explains BC’s Indigenous Courts
Judge Raymond Phillips describes BC’s Indigenous sentencing courts and explains how they work.

A Judge Explains Small Claims Settlement Conferences
Judge Wilson Lee tells small claims litigants what to expect at the judge-mediated settlement conference held in most small claims matters before a trial date is set.

A Judge Explains Family Management Conferences
Judge Kathryn Ferriss explains what may happen in the conference that is held the first time you go to BC Provincial Court in a Family Law Act matter. These conferences are part of the “Early Resolution” approach being used in Provincial Court family matters in British Columbia.

A Judge Explains Aboriginal Family Healing Case Conferences
Judge Anja Brown describes the conferences, often referred to as “healing conferences” or “AFHCCs”, available to parents who self-describe as Aboriginal and have children involved with the Ministry for Children and Family Development in its North Fraser region (including Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, New Westminster and Burnaby).

A Judge Explains Family Case Conferences
Judge Wendy Bernt explains what to expect at the Family Case Conferences held in child protection matters involving families other than those in the Aboriginal Healing Court.

Other videos

Other videos by or about the Provincial Court of British Columbia include:

• an introduction to the Court and its innovations on the Court's 50th anniversary
• our specialized Indigenous, Drug Treatment, and Community courts
a retiring judge’s reflections

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