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Provincial Court judges make thousands of decisions each year. The reasons they give for their decisions are sometimes called “judgments”, “reasons”, or just “decisions”. Often, Provincial Court judges explain their reasons by speaking to the people in the courtroom. This is called an “oral judgment”. A judge may also prepare written reasons (in some cases reading them aloud in court) and they will be placed in the court file.

Some of these written reasons are posted online on the CanLII (Canadian Legal Information Institute) databank, particularly in cases of public interest or involving a point of law. In a high-profile case, written reasons may be posted on the home page of the Court’s website www.provincialcourt.bc.ca under "Recent Judgments", for the first few days after they are issued until they can be posted on CanLII.

Use the "Search Judgments" button to find BC Provincial Court judgments on CanLII. See how to obtain oral and written judgments if there's no judgment online on CanLII.

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Recent Provincial Court Judgments

2022-11-21 - R. v. McCallum
Key Words: foot — video — parking lot — beyond a reasonable doubt — interaction
2022-11-18 - C.F. v. M.C.
Key Words: parenting-time schedule — boys — process — application — coordinator
2022-11-15 - E.J.V. v. A.L.K.
Key Words: child support — stay-at-home dad — arrears — income — choice to be a stay-at-home
2022-11-10 - R. v. C.D.S.
Key Words: evidence — anus — sexual assault — sex — vagina
2022-11-08 - R. v. Guapo
Key Words: sexual activity — reasonable doubt — evidence — intercourse — honest but mistaken belief
2022-11-08 - R. v. Koopman
Key Words: worship service — patrons — church — organizer — host
Key Words: café — mischief — pandemic — hate — coffee
Key Words: contract — deficiencies — work — building permit — estimate
Key Words: statute — appellate — sections — amendment — objection
Key Words: ballot — judicial recount — mark — candidate — voter
Key Words: vote counting machine — ballot — judicial recount — votes — scrutineers
Key Words: legal fees incurred — costs — lease — filing — proceeding
Key Words: vault door — wedding reception — guests — unsafe — gross negligence
Key Words: vote tabulator — ballot — election — voting — recount
2022-10-24 - E.D.W. v. A.R.Y.
Key Words: omitted for publication — indiscernible — child support arrears — income — helicopter pilot
Key Words: election — candidates — judicial recount — ballots — votes
2022-10-21 - R. v. Bhullar
Key Words: defence — pre-trial applications — delay — dates — pre-trial conference
2022-10-21 - R. v. Becker
Key Words: psychosis — crack cocaine — mental disorder — schizophrenia — methamphetamine
2022-10-20 - R. v. T.J.B.J.
Key Words: offender — sexual — sentence — victim — pre-sentence report
2022-10-19 - R. v. Ressel
Key Words: molecular test — pandemic — entry — quarantine — crossing