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Posted to: Court, Law | 16/05/2022

The BC Provincial Court and the provincial government are well into a multi-year effort to improve the way BC families can resolve disputes. New Provincial Court Family Rules have introduced changes as part of a continuing process of trying new ideas, evaluating them, and applying the lessons learned.

Posted to: Law | 22/03/2022

Improving the justice system requires willingness to try new things, evaluate them, make improvements, keep what works, and replace what doesn’t. The BC Provincial Court and the provincial government have been engaged in a process like this to improve the family justice system.

Posted to: Law | 04/01/2022

The Provincial Court and government of BC are engaged in a multi-year project to help families experiencing separation reduce conflict, focus on children’s best interests, and resolve parenting and support issues earlier. As part of that process, new Provincial Court Family Rules were introduced in May 2021.

Posted to: Law | 16/08/2021

Although the current BC Small Claims Rules permit parties to make court appearances by telephone in specified situations, they are silent about proceedings being conducted using videoconferencing or audioconferencing and remote attendance in court using this technology.

Posted to: Law | 01/06/2021

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