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Posted to: Law | 08/08/2023

Sometimes matters in small claims court are set for a trial conference. Trial conferences take place in small claims court before a trial. This article explains what trial conferences are, when you might have one, how you should prepare, and what might happen there.

Posted to: Law | 19/12/2022

Under the Child, Family and Community Service Act judges conduct hearings to decide whether parents’ care of a child should be supervised by a social worker, or whether children must be removed from their parents’ care because of abuse or neglect.

Posted to: Law | 08/11/2022

BC laws state that Provincial Court judges must deal with applications for recounts in municipal elections. This eNews answers some questions you might have after reading news reports about judicial recounts in BC’s recent municipal elections. Why are judges drawing lots? Why are some applications for recount dismissed?

Posted to: Law | 03/10/2022

For the last two years the BC Provincial Court has been working collaboratively with the provincial government on changes to the rules governing procedure in small claims cases. On August 16, 2021, changes to the Small Claims Rules laid the groundwork for people to attend small claims proceedings remotely, either by telephone or video-conference.

Posted to: Judges, Law | 31/05/2022

The Court’s website offers a wide range of information and tools created by judges to help litigants prepare for and conduct their cases - guides, checklists, and tips to help with family, small claims, criminal, and traffic cases in the Provincial Court of British Columbia.