Understand my Ticket – a new online tool to help you deal with traffic & other tickets

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About half a million violation tickets are issued every year in BC. The provincial government, in consultation with the Provincial Court, has developed a new online tool to help people in BC decide how to deal with their tickets.

Launching July 8, 2021, the new, user-friendly, online self-resolution tool, Understand My Ticket, will let you explore information about your ticket anonymously, using step-by-step guided pathways. The tool offers information on provincial violation tickets including tickets for traffic, liquor, or cannabis offences.

It also directs you to information on federal contravention tickets for offences under Canadian laws like possessing undersize crabs, and tickets for municipal bylaw offences.

A “one-stop source” of ticket information, Understand My Ticket makes it easier to get information about the options for resolving a ticket by providing simple, plain language explanations and links to other resources all in one place. It explains how to dispute a ticket and provides options for paying some types of tickets online if you decide not to dispute your ticket.

You’ll find Understand My Ticket at tickets.gov.bc.ca. Although it asks questions about the type of ticket you’re interested in, you don’t need to enter any personal information. After using it, you’ll walk away with a “solution summary” that includes information, links, and forms.

What Understand My Ticket does


• informs and educates users through an anonymous process (no personal information is entered)
• offers an easily accessible way to learn about tickets
• translates complex subject matter and resources into simple language
• uses guided pathways to give users information that applies to their type of ticket

What Understand My Ticket does not do

It does not:

• require any login
• provide legal advice
• start the dispute process
• change any existing traffic court processes, laws or policies

BC Provincial Court Chief Judge Melissa Gillespie said: “The Provincial Court welcomes this new online resource for people to get information about their traffic and other violation tickets, and the steps they can take to deal with them. Our website metrics show there's a high interest in this information, and the "guided pathways" in this tool will help people get specific information about their type of ticket quickly and easily."

Whether you’re looking for information about a ticket or you’re interested in new ways to share legal information, take a look at tickets.gov.bc.ca!