BC Provincial Court’s online information wins award!

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Each year since 2006 the Canadian Law Blogs Awards have honoured “the very best Canadian online legal content”. The awards began with blogs. But as free online legal content appeared in new formats each year, “the Clawbies” expanded to include those formats. The 2022 awards cover Canadian legal blogs, podcasts, videos, social media, longer publications, and novel legal information projects.

In the 2022 awards announced December 31st, the BC Provincial Court was declared the “Best Multi-Platform Presence”. Clawbies Awards judges Emma Durand-Wood, Steve Matthews, and Jordan Furlong describe this award as honouring “an individual, firm or organization that masters multiple mediums with a “something for everyone” online presence.”

In choosing the BC Provincial Court as the best multi-platform presence in 2022, the Clawbies judges said:

“In the notoriously reserved world of courts, the Provincial Court of BC has long been a trailblazer when it comes to accessibility and transparency online. The Court has been doing a commendable job at proactively educating and interacting with British Columbians. You may remember their groundbreaking #A2JChatBC Twitter town hall, which won a Clawbie in 2019.

Today, the Provincial Court of BC offers a wide variety of resources in various mediums and on multiple platforms, to reach people wherever they are. Content is created not just to educate, but to interest and engage (e.g., “What podcasts do you listen to, Judge?”; “Why did Provincial Court judges draw lots to decide municipal elections?”)

The Court’s website and other public materials are written with the principles of plain language in mind. From its robust website, to its eNews service (previously a Clawbies winner), to its friendly and approachable Twitter account @BCProvCourt, podcasts in partnership with Legal Listening, and videos on Vimeo, the Court embraces new types of content, formats and mediums. When it comes to online presence, courts everywhere would do well to take a page from the Provincial Court of BC’s book.”

Chief Judge Melissa Gillespie said:

“It is gratifying to have the Court’s commitment to accessibility and transparency, and our efforts to provide understandable information about the justice system recognized in this way. The Court’s varied information resources are a part of our “thoughtful innovation” approach to improving access to justice in every way we can.

We are really fortunate to have the leadership of retired judge Ann Rounthwaite inspiring us to find interesting and innovative ways to share information with the public – whether through eNews articles, Vimeo videos about what to expect in certain types of court appearances, podcasts, guides for self-represented litigants, or other accessible interactive formats drawing people to our website.”

Ann Rounthwaite, the Court’s Digital Content Coordinator, added:

“Producing the Court’s wide variety of information resources wouldn’t be possible without the contributions of our judges, judicial justices, and legal officers who provide written material, voice our videos, and ensure our legal information is accurate and current. They, along with Office of the Chief Judge staff members, provide photographs and eNews suggestions. And the Court’s IT team puts it all online. We are fortunate that so many people in the Court share the commitment to communicate effectively with court users and the public.”

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