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Posted to: Court, Law | 11/05/2021

Note: Family Management Conferences are being conducted by telephone, audio- or video-conference. Be sure to read the NP 21 Virtual Proceedings and Remote Attendance in the Provincial Court before your conference.

Posted to: Court | 04/05/2021

The BC Provincial Court has a history of working with communities to develop specialized courts to address specific needs. On May 6, 2021, the Court will open its 11th specialized sentencing court – its third integrated court – in Kelowna.

Posted to: Court | 19/04/2021

You may have heard that during the COVID-19 pandemic some types of court appearances are taking place in BC courthouses, but others are happening by telephone or online video-conferences to protect court users’ health. How do you know if you should go to court for the next stage of your small claims case or stay at home on your court date and power up your computer or cell phone?

Posted to: Court | 15/04/2021

Imagine you were arrested on Monday in a small northern BC community where the Provincial Court convened only on Thursdays. Until last year, if the police did not agree to your release and you wanted a bail hearing before a judge, you would be held in custody while transport was arranged, then transported to Prince George to appear in court for the hearing.

Posted to: Court, Judges | 16/03/2021

This month, BC’s Justice Education Society wraps up a five and a half year project to strengthen the criminal justice system in Guyana, South America’s only English-speaking country. BC Provincial Court judges, volunteering their time and expertise, made important contributions to the project in this small country bordered by Venezuela, Suriname, and Brazil.