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Posted to: Court | 01/02/2022

The Provincial Court of British Columbia has published its 2020/21 Annual Report, “Finding New Pathways: learning from experience while keeping courts open & safe”.

Posted to: Court | 18/01/2022

When some court operations were suspended in March 2020 to reduce the spread of COVID, the BC Provincial Court’s specialized courts faced significant challenges. They had to find ways to continue the support and therapy they offer clients without endangering their health. The BC Provincial Court operates nine Indigenous and five other specialized courts.

Posted to: Law | 04/01/2022

The Provincial Court and government of BC are engaged in a multi-year project to help families experiencing separation reduce conflict, focus on children’s best interests, and resolve parenting and support issues earlier. As part of that process, new Provincial Court Family Rules were introduced in May 2021.

Posted to: Court | 21/12/2021

On December 4, 2001, the Provincial Court of BC launched Canada’s second drug treatment court. The Drug Treatment Court of Vancouver (DTCV) is a specialized court that uses a problem-solving approach to the criminal process for people who commit offences to support addiction to drugs such as cocaine, heroin, fentanyl or other opiates, and crystal methamphetamine.

Posted to: Judges, Other Topics | 07/12/2021

BC’s Provincial Court Judges drive thousands of kilometres a year travelling between more than 80 court locations around the province. Whether their commute takes them through the Deas Island Tunnel from Surrey to Vancouver or along Highway 97 from Dawson Creek to Fort St.