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The Court’s website offers a wide range of information and tools created by judges to help litigants prepare for and conduct their cases - guides, checklists, and tips to help with family, small claims, criminal, and traffic cases in the Provincial Court of British Columbia. While most information is in written form, the Court also offers podcasts, and now – videos explaining different court proceedings.

“A Judge Explains" is a new series of videos featuring BC Provincial Court judges answering common questions about what to expect and how to prepare for a variety of conferences and Indigenous court proceedings. The series is the latest in the Court’s efforts to help litigants and make them more comfortable in court proceedings we know are stressful and sometimes frightening for the people involved.

The videos are available on the Court’s website and Vimeo channel. The Court has moved its videos from YouTube to Vimeo to avoid having advertising associated with its videos.

Chief Judge Melissa Gillespie said,

“We’ve added videos to the types of information the Court offers to help litigants and the public understand court proceedings. We hope these videos answer the questions people may have about what to expect and how to prepare for conferences in child protection, family, and small claims matters and about how the Indigenous and First Nations courts work.

We hope using this format will make the information more accessible to people with vision, language, or literacy challenges, and to those who simply prefer to get information in a video.

The judges involved in the project spent many hours of their own time writing scripts, revising to making the language as plain as possible, and recording them. It’s just one of the many ways that our judges volunteer to contribute to education about the legal system.

I’m both proud and grateful for their dedication and the time they volunteer before and after court to work on projects like this.”

In addition to the judges who appear in the videos, Judge Garth Smith, Associate Chief Judge Susan Wishart, IT Systems Support Coordinator Jason Amott, Digital Communications Coordinator Ann Rounthwaite, and members of the Court’s Family Law and Civil Law Committees were involved in script writing and editing, recording, and/or production.

A Judge Explains Aboriginal Family Healing Case Conferences

Judge Anja Brown describes these conferences, often referred to as “healing conferences” or “AFHCCs”. They are available to parents who self-identify as Aboriginal and have children involved with the Ministry for Children and Family Development in their North Fraser region (including Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, and New Westminster).

Judge Brown, who conducts these conferences, explains how the Aboriginal Family Healing Court Elders and support people will work with parents to create a plan of care for their children’s safety and well-being. This video will interest anyone interested in the Healing Court model as well as parents and lawyers involved in child protection proceedings.

A Judge Explains Family Case Conferences

Judge Wendy Bernt explains what to expect at the Family Case Conferences held in child protection matters involving families other than those in the Aboriginal Healing Court. Recognizing how frightening going to court can be for a parent, she answers some of the questions they might have about Family Case Conferences and provides tips on preparing.

It may be reassuring for parents who will be attending a Family Case Conference to watch this video before they go to court.

A Judge Explains Family Management Conferences

Judge Kathryn Ferriss explains what may happen in the new proceeding that has replaced initial appearances in Family Law Act matters in BC Provincial Court. She answers questions a litigant or a lawyer unfamiliar with the proceeding might have and offers tips on how to prepare.
Although Judge Ferriss is speaking to parents, this video may also interest people who want to learn more about the Early Resolution approach being used in Provincial Court family matters in British Columbia.

A Judge Explains Small Claims Settlement Conferences

Judge Wilson Lee tells small claims litigants what to expect at the judge-mediated settlement conference held in most small claims matters before a trial date is set. Using a question and answer format, he covers topics including how to prepare for these conferences and their possible outcomes.

A Judge Explains BC’s Indigenous Courts

Judge Raymond Phillips describes BC’s Indigenous sentencing courts and explaining how they work. Speaking to people who might want to be sentenced for a criminal offence in an Indigenous or First Nations court, he explains who is eligible and how these courts differ from “regular courts”.

People wanting information on how BC’s Indigenous courts work, as well as those considering participating in one of these courts, will find the video interesting.

Find these and other BC Provincial Court videos at Videos.

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