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Posted to: Court, Judges | 14/05/2024

If you think of a BC Provincial Court judicial justice as a person without legal training who decides cases of little importance, you’re out of date.

Posted to: Judges | 23/04/2024

Judge Reg Harris loved running. He competed in trail races, marathons and triathlons from a young age and might still be running today if not for an injury he suffered in his 20s. When his children began competing in track and field events, it seemed natural to support them by volunteering with their track club.

Posted to: Judges | 09/04/2024

Many Provincial Court judges are enthusiastic volunteers, not just as speakers on legal topics but in a variety of community activities. Across the province, several judges head to a gym or sports field after a day in the courtroom – not to work out, although they may do that too, but to coach youth sports.

Posted to: Court, Other Topics | 21/03/2024

We keep working to communicate better and make our language plainer!

Posted to: Court | 29/02/2024

With the addition of Instagram and LinkedIn, the BC Provincial Court is now using a trio of social media accounts to communicate with the public.