Justice Centre

Judicial justices at the Justice Centre deal with search warrant applications and conduct after-hours bail hearings by telephone or video from around BC. The Justice Centre operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, enabling police throughout the province to apply for search warrants in a timely manner and bring people who have been arrested and detained before a justice as soon as possible.

In recent years, innovative changes developed in collaboration with stakeholders have transformed its work to that of a virtual court:

  • a Court Services Branch registry has been established to make its operation consistent with that of other BC courts
  • most evening and weekend bail matters are heard virtually in clerked courts with streamlined procedures for virtual video and telephone hearings
  • Crown prosecutors assess most charges and make submissions in bail hearings, as they do on weekdays
  • Legal Aid duty counsel lawyers are available to advise and speak for everyone in custody charged with a criminal offence, whether their bail hearing is held during court hours or after-hours

Find results of bail matters dealt with by the Justice Centre on Court Services Online. (Click “Daily Court Lists” and view “Judicial Interim Release list”.)

You can also see the Adult Court Lists and the Adult Completed Court Lists (Provincial) if you click here and view the entry “Justice Centre (Judicial) Provincial”.