There are currently about 150 Provincial Court judges in various locations throughout the province. When appointed, each judge is assigned an office in a particular judicial region, though many judges are required to travel regularly to other areas, in order to meet the demand for judges in the more than 80 locations where Provincial Court is held.

Most Provincial Court judges work full-time. However, judges aged 55 or older, with at least 10 years of service, may elect to hold office as a part-time judge.

Judges conduct trials and other proceedings in criminal, youth, family, and civil matters. They also perform judicial mediation in family and civil settlement conferences. But judges also do considerable work outside the courtroom – reading, writing, public speaking, and committee work.

When they reserve judgment, judges research and prepare written reasons for their decisions. In order to keep abreast of the law they regularly read new legislation as well as reasons for judgment issued by other Provincial Court judges and by judges of other courts, particularly BC courts and the Supreme Court of Canada. They also read articles commenting on recent judgments and on trends in the law.

Judges consider written applications for search warrants in their offices. They also speak frequently to students, service clubs, community groups, justice system professionals and others. They attend swearing in ceremonies for police officers and municipal councils and school boards. Many judges also volunteer their time to serve on committees to help the Court or to liaise with court users and community organizations. Judges also organize and present education programs for their colleagues.

Judges are guided by the Ethical Principles for Judges.

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For changes to the Court’s judicial complement (appointments, retirements, elections to serve as a Senior Judge) see the Court’s monthly Judicial Complement Reports.

Judges sitting as of August 1, 2021 by region:


DOHM, PAUL (Associate Chief Judge)
WISHART, SUSAN (Associate Chief Judge)
Sangha, Susan

The Chief Judge and Associate Chief Judges are also listed in a region below, since they sit in court in addition to their administrative responsibilities.


BOWRY, RITA - Regional Administrative Judge
Albert, David
Alexander, Therese
Arthur-Leung, Kimberley
Boblin, Dawn
Brown, Anja
Brown, Gregory
Browning, Richard
Campbell, Jeffrey
Chettiar, Valliammai
Cohen, Gary (Senior Judge)
Davis, Andrea
Dion, Tina
Docolas, Georgia
Dohm, Paul (Associate Chief Judge)
Dorey, Diana
Dossa, Shehni
Duncan, Emmet
Dunn, Dannielle
Ferriss, Kathryn
Gaffar, Deanne
Gill, Gurmail (Senior Judge)
Gunnell, Robert
Harris, Jodie
Hughes, Ellen
Jahani, Delaram
Jetté, Mark
La Prairie, Peter
Lee, Wilson
Lopes, Jennifer
Macdonald, Trudy
McQuillan, Robin
Mundstock, Kristen
Ormiston, Andrea
Peacock, Michele
Ritchie, Edna
Rounthwaite, Jill (currently sitting part-time)
Sidhu, Satinder
Silverman, David
Smith, Garth
Solomon, Jay
Steinberg, Daniel
Sudeyko, Danny
Weatherly, Daniel
Whyte, Peter
Young, Wendy


SHAW, MARGUERITE - Regional Administrative Judge
Armstrong, Mariane
Bennett, Lorianna
Brown, Robert
Burdett, Ellen (Senior Judge)
Burnett, Clarke
Cleaveley, Christopher (Senior Judge)
Daneliuk, Michelle
Dickey, Roy
Doerksen, Lynal
Frame, Stella
Guild, Jeremy
Heinrichs, Cathie
Hewson, Richard
Keyes, Shannon
Leven, George
Koturbash, Gregory
McParland, Monica
Morgan, Dennis (Senior Judge)
Phillips, Raymond
Sheard, Grant
Sicotte, Craig
Skilnick, Kenneth (Senior Judge)
Smith, Robin (Senior Judge)
Tam, Andrew
Wyatt, Lisa


STRUYK, CALVIN - Regional Administrative Judge
Bernt, Wendy
Blaskovits, Richard (Senior Judge)
Brecknell, Michael
Daley, Brian (Senior Judge)
Doulis, Judith
Fleck, Oliver
Golinsky, Tamera
Jackson, William
Malfair, Cassandra
McDermick, Peter
Mengering, Susan
Mulder, Scott
Nadon, Martin
Patterson, David
Purewal, Nina
Reeves, Darin
Stanford, Michelle
Stewart, Dwight
Thomas, Linda
Wright, Terence


MILNE, JOHN - Regional Administrative Judge
Adams, Nancy
Bahen, James
Bakan, Laura
Brownstone, Andrea
Bond, Patricia
Burgess, Elisabeth (Senior Judge)
Challenger, Joanne
Chen, Patrick (Senior Judge)
Craig, Bonnie
Denhoff, Kathryn
Dhillon, Harbans
Doherty, Patrick
Galati, Joseph
Gordon, Ellen
Hamilton, Robert
Harris, Reginald
Jamieson, Eugene
Janzen, Patricia
Lee, Glenn
MacLean, Malcolm
Mah, Derek
Merrick, Steven
Meyers, Paul (Senior Judge)
Oulton, Jennifer
Phillips, Nancy (Senior Judge)
Raven, Rose (Senior Judge)
Rideout, Gregory
Senniw, Donna
Smith, Lyndsay
St. Pierre, David
Stark, Patricia
Sutherland, James
Vandor, Diana
Werier, Jodie (Senior Judge)
Wingham, James (Senior Judge)


ROGERS, CARMEN - Regional Administrative Judge
Archer, Sheila
Barrett, Jennifer
Brooks, Adrian (Senior Judge)
Crockett, Catherine
Cutler, Roger
Flewelling, Barbara
Gouge, Ted
Harvey, Brian
Higinbotham, Robert (Senior Judge)
Hutcheson, Brian
Lamperson, Ronald
Lowe, Christine
MacCarthy, Parker
McKimm, Mayland
Mrozinski, Lisa
Munro, Michael
Sacca, Karina
Saunders, Justine (Senior Judge)
Webb, Ronald (Senior Judge)
Whonnock, Karen
Wishart, Susan (Associate Chief Judge)
Wolf, Alexander

There are also 4 full time judges not sitting due to long term disability conditions.

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