Appointment of Judicial Justices

Appointment Process

Applications for the office of Judicial Justice may be submitted at any time or may be solicited by a recruitment campaign for a specific vacancy.

The Judicial Council screens candidates for judicial justice appointments. It reviews applications in a process similar to that for judges. The application and the investigation results are reviewed by the Council to decide whether the applicant will be interviewed. From those interviewed, Judicial Council approves candidates as qualified for recommendation to the Lieutenant Governor in Council. (BC’s Lieutenant Governor acting on the advice of Cabinet).

Appointment Criteria

Judicial Council has established a broad range of criteria and competencies for applicants for appointment as a judicial justice.

After appointment, judicial justices receive training before embarking on their assignments. In addition, they are expected to attend professional development seminars held twice a year.

If you wish to apply …

Before proceeding with an application, review these criteria and competencies and the Judicial Justice Candidate Process Summary. You may wish to use the Judicial Justice Candidate Worksheet to collect the information you need to complete the application.

Applications on paper are no longer accepted. All applications must be made using our online system. You begin by creating a user account. Once you log in, select the Judicial Justice Candidate Application form. You can save a partially completed application, log out, and log in later. When ready, submit the Judicial Justice Candidate Application and a digital photograph of yourself to the Office of the Chief Judge.

You must also complete the following documents online:

  • Consent for Disclosure of Personal Information
  • Law Society Authorization and Release
  • Online background eConsent forms

and print and sign the Consent for Release of Medical Information form for your physician to complete.

Begin Your Application

Revised September 2017