What can I expect in court?

The Provincial Court website contains a series of eNews articles written by judges and judicial justices to describe what happens at various proceedings in Provincial Court and offer suggestions on how to prepare for them. These articles are provided for information only - they cannot be used as legal advice or authority in court or other legal proceedings.

Note: In May 2020, the Court began conducting its family and small claims conferences by telephone, audio- or video-conferencing rather than in courthouse conference rooms. The procedure described in articles written before May 2020 will have changed from an in-person meeting with a judge to one of these “remote” or “virtual” options, and they should be read with this in mind.

Some hearings or parts of hearings are also being held by telephone, audio- or video-conference. New articles have been added to explain what to expect in conferences and hearings held in one of these ways. Find more information at Virtual conferences and hearings (by phone or video).

What can I expect:

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How do I:

This website provides general information only and should not be used as legal advice. Updated October, 2020