Small Claims Cases

What types of dispute can you bring to Small Claims court?
Whether you can bring a case to Small Claims court in the Provincial Court of BC depends on the dollar value of the claim and its subject.

Dollar value
The BC Provincial Court’s Small Claims Court generally deals with cases involving from $5001 to $35,000.

Claims for up to $5,001 must usually be taken to the online Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT). However, Provincial Court may deal with cases under $5001 in certain circumstances.

Claims for more than $35,000 generally go to the BC Supreme Court. You can make a claim for more than $35,000 in Small Claims Court, but if you do you must abandon the amount over $35,000. A Provincial Court judge cannot award you more than $35,000 plus interest and expenses. For more on this, see Can I bring a dispute for more than $35,000 to Small Claims Court?


Claims brought to Small Claims Court must involve:

  • debt or damages
  • recovery of personal property or opposing claims to person property
  • performance of agreements about personal property or services.

Small Claims Court does not have the power to deal with:

  • an interest in land
  • personal property security
  • bankruptcies
  • trademarks
  • wills and estates
  • libel and slander
  • malicious prosecution
  • residential tenancy (though Residential Tenancy Branch orders may be enforced in Provincial Court)
  • almost all builders' lien matters, and
  • lawsuits against the federal government.

For cases involving subjects that can’t be brought to Provincial Court, see the websites of the BC Supreme Court, Residential Tenancies BC, or the Federal Court of Canada.

The procedures followed in Small Claims cases depend on the amount of money involved and the court location :

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