Judicial Council

Judicial Council consists of nine members, as designated by section 21(2) of the Provincial Court Act. The Chief Judge is the presiding member or chair, with an Associate Chief Judge as alternate presiding member. If there are two or more Associate Chief Judges, the Lieutenant Governor in Council designates which Associate Chief Judge is the alternate. Effective July 1, 2010, Associate Chief Judge G. Gill is the alternate presiding member.

The Attorney General also appoints four members. Currently, these positions are filled by Judicial Justice P. Schwartz; K. Kirkpatrick; L. MacLean, Q.C. and R. Rolls.

The remaining members of the Judicial Council, as provided by section 21(2) of the Provincial Court Act, are the president of the Provincial Court Judges Association, the president (or a designate) of the BC Branch of the Canadian Bar Association, and a lawyer appointed by the Law Society of BC. These three positions are held by Judge L. Mrozinski, D. Crawford and J. Lindsay, Q.C.

The Judicial Council's process is governed by a Procedure Bylaw which was adopted March 23, 2001.

The object of the Judicial Council is to improve the quality of judicial service. Its statutory mandate includes:

Read the Chief Judge’s August 3, 2012 letter to the President of the Canadian Bar Association, BC Branch, and the President of the Law Society of British Columbia, re: Diversity in the Provincial Court of British Columbia.

The Judicial Council issues an Annual Report outlining its activities for the period covered.

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