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Finding a Lawyer

Legal information



Finding a Lawyer

Lawyer Referral Service
Legal Aid Intake Services
LSS Call Centre
Access Pro Bono
Clicklaw - legal help and lawyers

Legal Information
The following web sites are available for additional information about legal matters.

British Columbia Courthouse Library Society
CanLII Primer explains basics of legal research and how to navigate CanLII, the legal information database where B.C. Provincial Court decisions are found
Continuing Legal Education Society of B.C.
Law Society of BC
Justice Education Society
Peoples Law School
B.C. Ministry of Justice
B.C. Government Laws - FAQ and definitions of common legal terms
BC Laws
Office of the Public Trustee
Federal Department of Justice

Criminal Matters

Justice Education Society criminal law
Justice BC - Criminal Justice

Family Matters

J.P. Boyd on Family Law Clicklaw Wikibook
Justice BC - Family Law
Government of Canada Family Law Information - includes child support estimator
Justice Education Society - Families Change
Justice Education Society Family Law and Separation Information
Legal Services Society Family Law
Family Law Act Orders Picklist in MS Word (WORD version of standard terms found in DARS computer system – terms can be copied and pasted)
Family Law Act Orders Picklist with DARS code (checklist used in Court contains letter code used by Court Clerk to find a term)

Small Claims Matters

BC Ministry of Justice Small Claims Guide
Justice Education Society - Small Claims BC
Efile Small Claims documents
Small Claims Court forms online

Traffic & By-law Matters

B.C. Ministry of Justice - Violation Tickets
Judicial Justices
B.C. Motor Vehicle Act

Youth Court Matters

BC Ministry of Justice Youth Court Information
Justice BC - Youth Court


The Provincial Court hears matters under a wide variety of federal and provincial laws (also called “statutes”) enacted by the Parliament of Canada and the British Columbia Legislature, including those listed here. These laws either give powers to the Provincial Court exclusively or to both trial courts concurrently. Provincial Court judges and judicial justices must also apply "common law” precedents (applicable decisions of the British Columbia Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court of Canada in similar cases).

B.C. Statutes

Adult Guardianship Act
Child, Family and Community Service Act
Provincial Court (Child, Family and Community Service Act) Rules
Commercial Transport Act
Environmental Management Act
Family Law Act
Provincial Court (Family) Rules
Child Support Guidelines
Child Support Tables
Family Maintenance Enforcement Act
Family Maintenance Enforcement Act Regulation
Interjurisdictional Support Orders Act
Liquor Control and Licensing Act
Local Government Act (bylaw offences)
Motor Vehicle Act
Offence Act
Passenger Transportation Act
Small Claims Act
Small Claims Rules
Workers Compensation Act
Youth Justice Act

Canadian Statutes
Child Support Guidelines
Child Support Tables
Criminal Code
Contraventions Act
Controlled Drugs and Substances Act
Firearms Act
Fisheries Act
Income Tax Act
Youth Criminal Justice Act


Canadian Courts:

Supreme Court of Canada
British Columbia Superior Courts
Alberta Courts
Saskatchewan Courts
Manitoba Courts
Ontario Courts
New Brunswick Courts
Newfoundland Courts
Nova Scotia Courts
PEI Courts
Quebec Courts
Nunavut Court of Justice
Northwest Territories Courts
Yukon Courts
Federal Court of Canada
Tax Court of Canada
Canadian Courts Judgments & Decisions

United States Courts:

US Federal Courts
National Center for State Courts

International Courts:

International Court of Justice
International Criminal Court