Claims up to $5,000 in Civil Resolution Tribunal

Claims up to $5000 must be taken to British Columbia’s online Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) in cases involving:

  • debt or damages
  • recovery of personal property or opposing claims to person property
  • performance of agreements about personal property or services.

but not:

  • claims for libel, slander or malicious prosecution
  • claims for or against the government
  • claims excluded from the authority of the CRT by regulations (there are no such exclusions now)
  • a constitutional question (any question requiring notice under section 8 of the Constitutional Question Act)
  • a question of whether there is a conflict between the Human Rights Code and another law.

The CRT provides a three-stage process involving:

  1. negotiation – first you communicate online with the other party to see if you can quickly settle the dispute between yourselves
  2. facilitation – if that doesn’t work, trained CRT staff will try to help you settle
  3. adjudication – if you can’t resolve the dispute, a Tribunal member may make a decision and it can be enforced like a court order in the Provincial Court

For more information about the Civil Resolution Tribunal and how to use it, visit its website and the BC government website.

Does Provincial Court deal with claims under $5001 in any way?

The Civil Resolution Tribunal Act requires that disputes within the CRT’s authority, called “Tribunal Small Claims”, must go through the CRT process. However, a claim for less than $5,001 may will still come to Provincial Court in certain circumstances. For an overview of when Provincial Court may deal with claims under $5001 see Claims up to $5000 in Provincial Court.

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Updated July 2022