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Media inquiries

Please use this form to contact the Legal Officer of the Provincial Court of BC with a media inquiry. It will help us respond to your inquiry as quickly and effectively as possible. (The email address previously provided can no longer be used for media inquiries.)

Sometimes, checking the Court’s Policies and Common Questions pages can provide the quickest answer.

Complaints Form

This website and the Office of the Chief Judge do not comment on specific cases before the courts. For information about specific cases (such as next court dates), see Court Services Online or contact the court location directly.

Responses to media inquiries are for information only and cannot be used as authority in court proceedings.

Photographs available for media use

On our Court Locations pages, the Court offers exterior photos of most BC courthouses for use by the media in news stories. (We are in the process of adding higher resolution exterior photos and stock photos of courtroom interiors.) Please use the photo credits provided.

Find additional interior and exterior courthouse photos at John Deacon Q.C. has advised the Court that he consents to media use of the photographs on his website for news stories with photo credit to “John Deacon Q.C.".

Resources the Court offers to assist the media to perform their important role:

Resources available elsewhere:

  • Court Services Online - BC Ministry of the Attorney General provides daily lists in courts around BC, as well as court record information in Provincial and Supreme civil court files and Provincial traffic and criminal court files - some fees may apply
  • Justice Centre Daily Judicial Interim Release Results - reports on judicial interim release matters dealt with by the Justice Centre during the preceding day - subject to the conditions outlined on this linked page
  • Media Accreditation Policy - how journalists can obtain accreditation for BC Courts
  • RSS Feed - of all BC Provincial Court decisions posted online – use Internet Explorer to access
  • Transcripts - to order a transcript of court proceedings you will need the court location, date and file number
  • The Canadian Judicial System and the Media - Canadian Judicial Council publication offers information on publications bans, contempt, defamation, and factors to consider when making decisions about what to report – it’s a 2010 publication so references to particular statute sections and court decisions will need to be updated, but the overview the document provides may be useful

"The open court principle is of crucial importance in a democratic society. ... Because few members of the public are able to attend court in person, members of the media play an important role in our democratic system by informing the public about what takes place in court."

Supreme Court of Canada
CBC v. Canada (Attorney General), 2011 SCC 2