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Posted to: Judges, Law | 01/10/2019

When you get involved in a lawsuit you may not expect that you’ll find yourself sitting around a table with a judge and the other party, talking about your dispute. But in BC Provincial Court small claims cases that’s what happens. You have a “settlement conference” and/or a “trial conference” with a judge before your case is set for a trial.

Posted to: Help | 24/09/2019

A legal consultation is like a good night’s sleep. You may not know if or when you’ll have one, but there’s no doubt having one will help you face what lies ahead. However, many people worry they can’t afford the cost of consulting a lawyer about a legal problem. There are low-cost legal resources available, but if you don’t know how to find them it could lead to even bigger legal problems.

Posted to: Judges | 17/09/2019

For the last forty years, a select group of judges and magistrates has met for dinner each year "to honour those who have served the citizens of Vancouver as magistrates and judges in the criminal courts". The tradition was begun in 1979 by Judge Wallace Craig (retired), who had a high regard for the magistrates and judges who preceded him.

Posted to: Court | 03/09/2019

On the evening of May 22nd the North Vancouver Indigenous Court (formerly First Nations Court) held a celebration to mark the Court’s 7th anniversary and honour some of the people who have contributed to its success. During the event, the importance of the participation of the elders who sit with the court was recognized.

Posted to: Help | 27/08/2019

Starting on September 4, 2019, Access Pro Bono will begin its 12th annual series of free outdoor legal advice clinics for low-income British Columbians. Under the banner of ‘Pro Bono Going Public’, 130 volunteer lawyers will provide free legal advice in public squares in Vancouver, Surrey and Kelowna while calling attention to BC's access to justice crisis.