Does working as a part time adjudicator and judicial officer interest you?

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The Judicial Council of BC is inviting lawyers with at least five years’ experience practising law as a member of the Law Society of BC to apply for appointment as a Provincial Court judicial justice. Lawyers with less legal practice experience may be considered if they have a range of related experience.

What does a judicial justice do?

British Columbia’s judicial justices are judicial officers who exercise authority under various provincial and federal laws. They are assigned a variety of duties by the Chief Judge. Some judicial justices preside in courtrooms throughout the province, hearing traffic matters and ticketable offences under provincial laws, as well as municipal bylaw matters. They may also conduct small claims payment hearings. Others are assigned judicial duties at the Justice Centre, where they consider search warrant applications and hear applications for detention or bail. Still others conduct criminal arraignment hearings and deal with applications under the Criminal Code in the Victoria Integrated Court, one of the province’s specialized courts. Their judicial work is performed at various locations throughout the province.

For more information on judicial justices’ work, see section 30.2 of the Provincial Court Act and the Chief Judge’s current assignment of duties to judicial justices.

Qualifications required

• a law degree
• at least five years as an active practicing member of the Law Society of British Columbia or range of related experience
• demonstrated ability to deal effectively and professionally with people of diverse backgrounds in adversarial and stressful situations
• experience in criminal law and adjudication, dispute resolution, or other forms of decision-making on a professional level is an asset but not essential
• must be eligible for appointment as a justice of the peace for British Columbia
• must be prepared to work shifts as part of an up-to 24 hour operation, including weekends and statutory holidays
• may be required to travel
• professional references, medical report and criminal record check are required.

The Judicial Council has identified these criteria and competencies for judicial justices.

Term and remuneration

Appointment as a judicial justice is a judicial appointment within the Provincial Court of BC. Currently, judicial justice appointments will be on a part time basis for one fixed term of 12 years pursuant to the Provincial Court Act, section 30.2. It is expected that applicants will continue to practice law (other than criminal law) and devote a mutually agreed amount of time to the Court.

Remuneration will be on a per diem basis as fixed by the Judicial Compensation Commission in accordance with the Judicial Compensation Act (currently $770.65 per day). The next Judicial Compensation Commission process will take place in 2019.

Application process
Applicants must submit a confidential online application accessed through the Provincial Court website. Professional references, a medical report and a criminal record check are required.

Short-listed applicants will be required to attend an interview with the Judicial Council at the Office of the Chief Judge. If approved by the Council, candidates will be eligible to be recommended to the Lieutenant Governor in Council for appointment as a judicial justice at any time within a three year period following the interview, though no such appointment can be assured.

Further information regarding the appointment process and the Court may be found at Judicial Justices.

Note: Hyperlink to assignment of judicial justices' duties updated January 2019.