Legal Aid BC offers free child support mediation for separated families

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Legal Aid BC’s Family Resolution Centre - a free online service helping separated parents with low or moderate incomes resolve issues about raising their children - has recently expanded its services to include child support. The Family Resolution Centre has been available for some time to help parents with issues like where the children will live and how important decisions will be made. Now that child support is included, it can help with the whole range of parenting issues separated couples may face.

The Family Resolution Centre is an online platform where parents can exchange their ideas on how to solve the issues important to their family. Parents are provided with information and resources and a space where they can work together and negotiate to create an agreement. If they find themselves unable to agree, they can get the help of a mediator without any charge.

A professional mediator will be able to work with parents to help them find the common ground they need to reach an agreement. Five hours of free mediation is available for parenting issues and five hours for child support, for a total of ten hours for parents who need to resolve both.

The Family Resolution Centre combines self-help tools with expert assistance to reach a resolution that works best for each family. Learn more by visiting the website – you’ll find it on MyLawBC.

And for links to information on all types of family matters in Provincial Court, as well as preparation guides, help with court procedures, and ways to get mediation and legal advice, see Resources for Family Court on the Provincial Court website.