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Note: The Legal Services Society is now Legal Aid BC.

Are you looking for information about a legal issue? Or do you advise people seeking legal information? If you’re looking online the sheer volume of information can seem overwhelming and stressful. Where should you go to find legal information? And what should you read first?

BC’s Legal Services Society (LSS) has created a variety of legal information products in different formats including infographics, fact sheets, and booklets. In this eNews Bridget Greenwood and Candice Lee describe the wonderful infographics LSS has created and how you can get them – online or in some cases, as hard copies.

Infographics are visually engaging images that help simplify complex information. They are a great way to get an overview of a topic. Once you have a basic understanding of the topic, you can then dive deeper for more detailed information in fact sheets, booklets, and web pages.

If you’re an advocate or community worker, or a lawyer or paralegal, infographics may be useful for your clients, and could help you refer them to the information they need.

Here are some of the legal information infographics the LSS Community and Publishing Services team developed for MyLawBC, an online interactive tool that helps you find solutions to common legal problems. LSS infographics illustrate the legal issue, highlight different options, and show what steps you could take to resolve your legal issue.

Lost in the legal maze?

This poster gives an overview of the types of legal issues MyLawBC can help with. The legal system is complicated, but there is help to get you through the maze!

The infographic shows people with common legal issues, such as “My partner and I are separating. How do we do what’s best for our kids? Who gets the house?” It explains that when you use MyLawBC you answer questions about your own legal situation, and get help tailored specifically for your situation.

The couple in the example find their solution: “we negotiated a separation agreement”.

The infographic illustrates all the legal issues MyLawBC can help you with:

  • separation, divorce and family matters,
  • abuse and family violence,
  • missed mortgage payments, and
  • wills and personal planning.

After finding your way out of the maze, you are directed to MyLawBC to start working on your own solution.

Lost in the legal maze? wallet card

LSS has produced a fold-over wallet card with information similar to the infographic poster. Illustrations in the wallet card show characters who have resolved their legal issue, such as “I made a will”. This card is useful for advocates or community workers to give to clients, or to use where space or carrying capacity is limited.

As with the Lost in the legal maze? infographic, the wallet card directs you to MyLawBC.

How can we resolve our family law issues?

This infographic poster provides an overview of your options for resolving family law issues. You don’t always need to go to court, and going to trial is rare. This infographic empowers you to choose the option best for you.

How can we resolve our family law issues? breaks down the steps you can take, starting with learning about your rights and responsibilities. For example, you could get help for the whole process, or just for certain steps. The infographic shows you what support is available, such as child specialists and family justice counsellors. It illustrates the options available to help you stay out of court, such as negotiation or mediation.

The infographic also highlights the services which may be free, for example the legal information from Legal Aid BC. And as with the other LSS infographics, it shows you where you can go next for more detailed information.

All about mediation

This infographic poster explains one way of resolving your family law issue: mediation. Even if you and your spouse need help discussing and resolving issues, you have options other than going to court.

All about mediation illustrates the types of issues mediation can help you with, and that mediation is tailored to your family’s needs. It gives an overview of some types of situations which may benefit from mediation.

The infographic explains that there are different types of mediation. For example, if you chose to resolve your issue with mediation, you might not have to be in the same room as the other party.

Complex information such as comparative costs of mediation and court are displayed in an easy to understand format.

If you’d like to learn more about mediation to resolve your family law issue, the infographic points you to useful resources.

Where you can get the infographics

You can find all these infographics online, either through the links provided in this article, or by visiting the publications page on MyLawBC. If print versions are available, MyLawBC has links to where you can order free printed copies.