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On July 22, 2015, filmmaker Hilary Pryor of Maystreet Productions and her crew descended on Courtroom 102 in the Victoria Courthouse to film a segment for a documentary on brain injury. The film depicts the challenges faced by those who suffer traumatic brain injury.
The film's director had observed Victoria’s Integrated Court and its participants in action and had attended meetings with team members to learn more about what makes Integrated Court tick. She decided that she wanted to include in the film a discussion of how a therapeutic court can play an important role in the life of someone suffering from a brain injury.



Using a transcript of an actual proceeding of a participant in Integrated Court, with an actor standing in for the accused and with all identifying information changed to protect the accused's privacy, members of Victoria's Integrated Court re-enacted the event. The cast included Crown and defence counsel, a probation officer, a Victoria police officer, Island Health Authority and Community Living BC employees. Judge Susan Wishart presided over the sentencing re-enactment and Judge Ernest Quantz organized the event and looked on from the public galley with other members of the VIC community.



The young man who had been sentenced met the actor who was to act as him and watched the filming. He had just returned to Victoria after successfully completing a residential drug treatment program and was very excited to be the subject of a documentary.
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their time and gained new respect for the hard working people who put in long hours to produce even a few minutes of screen time. No one was ready to give up their day job and run off to Hollywood.