BC Court staff, sheriffs & judges support Humboldt

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Visitors to courts around BC were greeted by staff in hockey jerseys on #JerseyDay, Thursday April 12, 2018. Court Registry staff wore jerseys to pay tribute to the Humboldt Broncos’ players and families and show their support for all those affected by last week’s tragic event. Many of those participating also made donations collectively or as individuals to the fund for the players and families.

While they wore traditional court dress during proceedings in court rooms, judges and sheriffs also wore jerseys at other times during the day. These photos show some of the groups who participated – court and judiciary staff, sheriffs, judges, and in some cases individuals from the offices of Crown Counsel and the Legal Services Society.

This kind of effort is not unusual for court staff and sheriffs around BC. For example, at the Surrey courthouse, court staff organize fundraising activities every month for a different cause in their community. Bake sales, pizza and barbeque lunches boost morale, build team spirit and help others.

Chief Judge Thomas Crabtree comments, “Members of BC’s Court Services and Sheriff Service are dedicated to supporting and serving an effective and accessible justice system on a daily basis. They do so in a caring and respectful way. The most recent example is the care and support demonstrated for the families and community of Humboldt during this most difficult time. ... Thank you for all you do and the care you offer others every day.”