Legal Services Society Expands Services to People with Family Law Problems

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British Columbians who meet the financial requirements for Legal Aid can now use the LawLINE to obtain legal advice, get help with document preparation, and receive coaching to help prepare for court appearances. You can now arrange to speak to the same lawyer each time you call, communicate with that lawyer by phone or email, and receive up to six hours of legal service for each current legal matter.


Contact the Family LawLINE through the Legal Services Society Call Centre

Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm (Wednesday to 2:00 pm)

Greater Vancouver: 604-408-2172

Elsewhere in BC: 1-866-577-2525 (toll-free)


In Victoria, at the Justice Access Centre in the courthouse complex, the lawyers who provide free legal advice to people appearing in family court are now able to spend more time with them. Financially eligible clients can now work with one Duty Counsel lawyer for up to six hours on each current legal matter. Available legal services include preparing court documents and coaching people to present their cases more effectively. Drop in or phone 250-356-7012 for more information or to make an appointment.

For more information see the press release. For links to useful resources and other help with family law problems, see the Family Matters and Family Matters Useful Links pages of the Provincial Court website.