Provincial Court launches new Common Questions page on its website

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The Office of the Chief Judge of the Provincial Court of BC receives many enquiries about the same topics, so we came up with a way to give you quick answers to some of our most common questions.

On December 13, 2017 the Court updated the “Contact the Office of the Chief Judge” page on our website. We added some of the most common questions we receive - about the Office of the Chief Judge, the Provincial Court generally and the BC justice system – and we provide answers to them right there on the website.

By checking our common questions you may find the answer to your question, as well as other information of interest to members of the public and the media. For example, you’ll find answers to questions about how to get information about a Provincial Court case, how media can make inquiries most effectively - and much more!

You’ll find the Court’s common questions indexed by subject matter on our Contact the Office of the Chief Judge page and listed alphabetically on the new Common Questions page. Check them out - we hope you’ll find them helpful.