2019 Canadian Law Blog Awards Winner Best Blogs and Commentary

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2019 Canadian Law Blog Awards Winner

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Posted to: Court | 05/02/2020

Journalists attending our regional Media Workshops have asked for stock photos of courtrooms. Tweets responding to a suggestion that Canadian media avoid photos of gavels (since Canadian judges don’t use them) complained about the lack of alternative images. It’s clear that finding photos to illustrate media reports on court proceedings is a challenge.

Posted to: Court | 29/01/2020

The Provincial Court of BC has developed standardized terms for family and criminal court orders. They are organized in “picklists” available on courtroom computers so a Court Clerk can use them to quickly and accurately capture the order a judge makes.

Posted to: Help | 21/01/2020

Updated May 2021

There’s a new way for separated couples to resolve parenting disputes! It’s online, confidential and free.

Posted to: Court | 07/01/2020

There’s no red carpet, monologue, or envelope-opening, but for people working in the field of public legal information the “Clawbies” – the Canadian Law Blogs Awards – are the equivalent of the Oscars. The Provincial Court of BC was delighted to learn on New Year’s Eve that it had been awarded not just one, but two 2019 Clawbies for its online communications.

Posted to: Judges, Other Topics | 31/12/2019

Happy New Year! Last year’s eNews articles featuring paintings of BC courthouses and introducing their artists stimulated interest in this special genre. As a result, we’re able to share three more courthouse paintings – including one by a judge!