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Posted to: Help | 23/05/2017

Are you looking for information about a legal issue? Or do you advise people seeking legal information? If you’re looking online the sheer volume of information can seem overwhelming and stressful. Where should you go to find legal information? And what should you read first?

Posted to: Court, Help | 11/04/2017

Updated January 13, 2020.

Posted to: Help | 14/02/2017

Note: You can now find information about unbundled legal services and a list of lawyers who work this way at https://unbundlinglaw.peopleslawschool.ca/. (note added September 2019)

Posted to: Help | 31/01/2017

Each year, 1 in 7 British Columbians gets legal help or legal education from one of the Justice Education Society’s resources or programs.