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Available as a podcast!

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Available as a podcast!

So, you’ve been given a traffic ticket and you want to dispute it. This eNews not only explains how to dispute a ticket, arrange a hearing, and prepare for the hearing, but it answers FAQs about the process and some of the complications people encounter.

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Note: The Northern Navigator process has ended. NP 09 South Peace Family Mediation Options was rescinded on November 11, 2019.

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How do you get a child support or spousal support order if the other parent or spouse lives outside BC? And how do you have an existing support order changed if the other party doesn’t live here?

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Native Courtworkers have been a helping hand to justice for the past 45 years - connecting BC clients and communities to the justice system. They strengthen the system’s ability to be fair and effective for Indigenous people and make the system more efficient.

Find out what the 30 Native Courtworkers providing services at 59 court locations in BC do - and what they don’t do.