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Posted to: Other Topics | 21/03/2023

Canada’s traditional family justice system - with its adversarial culture and its single-minded focus on legal solutions – has tended to escalate hostility and create harmful stress for family members. Issues dealt with in our courts include parental separation and divorce, child abuse and neglect, and intimate partner violence.

Posted to: Judges | 07/03/2023

Forty years after they attended elementary school together, Judges Lorianna Bennett and Lynett Jung met again as Provincial Court judges. Both had attended George Slater Elementary School in Kamloops in the 1980s, but they only realized their childhood connection when a friend pointed it out.

Posted to: Court | 14/02/2023

Opened in 1914 and constructed in the imposing Classical Revival style, the Vernon Law Courts is one of BC’s older courthouses. Since 2019, it has been undergoing necessary renovation including repairing flood damage, remediating the structural foundation, upgrading the roof and electrical system, and rebuilding cells and courtrooms.

Posted to: Judges | 07/02/2023

A “Renaissance person” is one with wide interests who is expert in several areas. There is no better description of Judge Gurmail Gill, the first person of South Asian heritage appointed to the BC Provincial Court.

Posted to: Other Topics | 25/01/2023

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