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Posted to: Judges | 09/04/2024

Many Provincial Court judges are enthusiastic volunteers, not just as speakers on legal topics but in a variety of community activities. Across the province, several judges head to a gym or sports field after a day in the courtroom – not to work out, although they may do that too, but to coach youth sports.

Posted to: Court, Other Topics | 21/03/2024

We keep working to communicate better and make our language plainer!

Posted to: Court | 29/02/2024

With the addition of Instagram and LinkedIn, the BC Provincial Court is now using a trio of social media accounts to communicate with the public.

Posted to: Court | 13/02/2024

Posted online in December, the BC Provincial Court’s 2022/23 annual report has been praised as “fantastic” and “amazing”. Readers have said that it provides a succinct and comprehensive overview of the Court’s work while the photos, graphics, and design make it engaging and readable.

What does it take for the Court to produce a report like this?

Posted to: Court | 23/01/2024

An Indigenous man in his mid-fifties with a brain injury and a serious substance abuse history first appeared in New Westminster First Nations Court in April, 2021 on a break and enter charge. He was homeless and used heroin every day. His grandparents had attended residential schools. His mother had been adopted.