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Posted to: Court | 13/08/2019

The Judicial Council of BC is looking for qualified applicants interested in part time adjudication work as a judicial justice of the BC Provincial Court. British Columbia’s judicial justices are judicial officers who exercise authority under various provincial and federal laws.

Posted to: Help | 06/08/2019

Lower mainland lawyers are offering free mediation services to some families with family law disputes at the Richmond and Robson Square courthouses. If you do not reach an agreement at a Family Case Conference and you meet certain criteria, the judge may refer you to this free service.

Posted to: Court, Judges | 23/07/2019

Retired Provincial Court judge Ernie Quantz was honoured during Mental Health Week 2019 for his work to support people with mental health and substance use challenges.

Posted to: Court | 08/07/2019

The BC Provincial Court has added a Small Claims Court Guide to the popular Guide to Disputing a Ticket and Guide to preparing for a Family Court trial currently available on its website.

Posted to: Court, Other Topics | 02/07/2019

The BC Provincial Court’s Access to Court Records Policy sets out who has access to which types of court records, in accordance with any laws that may apply. The Court’s policy establishes general guidelines governing access, but judges in individual cases decide issues concerning access when more specific direction is necessary.