COVID19 - Matters being dealt with in Provincial Court

Family court matters

  • urgent matters including:
    • requests for protection orders and to extend the length of time of a protection order
    • requests to cancel protection orders
    • requests for other urgent orders to protect the safety of a child or parent
    • requests for urgent orders about parenting time, contact with a child or communication between parents
    • urgent issues about a child’s well-being including essential medical decisions or relocation, non-removal, wrongful removal or retention of a child
    • applications to suspend, change or cancel an order for imprisonment or committal under the Family Maintenance Enforcement Act
    • urgent cases where irreparable harm will occur if the application is not heard
    • family law trials scheduled for continuation between March 25 and May 16, 2020 that a judge has determined are urgent
  • pre-trial conferences, family case conferences and, in Victoria, family management conferences

Child protection matters

  • initial presentation hearings and protection hearings
  • all urgent matters including applications for supervision orders and for extension of time
  • pre-trial conferences, family case conferences

Criminal matters

  • all judicial authorizations (warrants and production orders) and extensions of time for things seized by a peace officer
  • involving people in custody:
    • trials and trial continuations scheduled between March 23 and May 16, 2020 that a judge has determined are urgent
    • bail hearings for people charged with criminal offences
    • sentencing hearings for people who have pleaded or been found guilty of criminal offences
    • consents to remain in custody
    • consent bail variations
    • applications to replace a police undertaking
  • involving people out of custody:
    • matters scheduled between March 18 and May 16, 2020 that a judge has determined are urgent
  • pre-trial conferences in both adult and youth criminal trials, except for summary proceedings court matters, and preliminary inquiries
  • telephone sentencing hearings for some non-urgent out-of-custody matters

Small Claims matters

  • urgent applications about Small Claims Act warrants for arrest, and (if required) for limitation periods, extensions of time to file documents and to renew notices of claim.
  • pre-trial conferences and settlement conferences

Public health and safety matters

  • matters related to the COVID-19 pandemic, including matters under the Quarantine Act, Public Health Act and similar statutes and regulations.

Filing Family and Small Claims documents

Note: This is a summary only. For more details and full descriptions see NP 19 COVID-19: Commencing Recovery of Some Court Operations.

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