Current COVID-related notices, directions, & information

Message from the Chief Judge, April 1, 2022

SM CL 02 Small Claims Proceedings During COVID-19

NP 21 Virtual Proceedings and Remote Attendance in the Provincial Court
      Guide for Appearing in the Provincial Court Using MS Teams

NP 16 Assignment of Duties to Judicial Justices

FAM 09 Consent Adjournment (FLA_FMEA)

CRIM 13 Initial Appearance Court During COVID-19

CRIM 12 Criminal Pre-Trial Conferences During COVID-19

FAM 07 CFCSA Consent Requisitions

NP 20 Affidavits for use in Provincial Court Proceedings

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Archived COVID Announcements, Notices, Practice Directions, including NP19 Revisions

Attending remotely: virtual conferences and hearings