Practice Directions: Small Claims

July 13, 1999

In order to speed up the processing of cases during the summer of 1999, a further 75 cases will be referred for mediation to the Court Practicum Program during July and August, 1999 at the Robson Square and Surrey Provincial Courthouses.

Commencing July 19, 1999, the Surrey Court Registry will assign the first 25 files upon which a Reply is filed and the Robson Square Registry will select the first 50 files upon which a Reply is filed and refer them for mediation by the Court Practicum Program.

This practice direction will be served by ordinary mail on each party with the notice setting the time and place for the mediation to occur.

The claimant may decline referral to mediation. To decline, the claimant must send a letter within 4 days of receipt of the notice of mediation to: Court Practicum Program at 1202 - 907 Beach Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2R3, declining referral to mediation.

The Court Practicum Program will notify the defendant and the court registry that the claimant has declined mediation and that the case will be set for settlement conference and trial where necessary. The current wait for settlement conference is seven months at Robson Square and thirteen months at Surrey.

If a claimant declines referral, the court registry will fill the space by referring the next Reply filed after receiving the notification declining mediation by the claimant.

This practice direction is in addition to and does not replace the previous practice directions referring cases to the Court Practicum Program.

E. Dennis Schmidt,
Associate Chief Judge
For Chief Judge Robert W. Metzger