Complaints and Appeals

The Chief Judge handles all complaints regarding the conduct of judicial officers of the Provincial Court, but does not deal with appeals of their decisions, or complaints about judges of other courts or Court staff employed by the provincial government. Section 22.1 of the Provincial Court Act provides that all complaints respecting judicial officers be made in writing to the Chief Judge who, after examining the complaint, must report in writing to the complainant and to the judicial officer.

The authority of the Chief Judge regarding complaints is supervisory and disciplinary in nature. It does not include the power to interfere in individual cases, to inquire into individual decisions of judicial officers (except where misconduct may occur during the proceedings), or to review legal errors or erroneous decisions (except where they may amount to incompetence affecting capacity to perform judicial duties). For more information on complaints about judicial officers, see Complaints. For annual summaries of completed complaint examinations, see the Court’s Annual Reports.

Reviews of decisions or complaints about the results of cases are forwarded to the appropriate appeal court. The Chief Judge has no power to change the outcome of a ruling or decision, order a new trial, declare a mistrial, or overturn a decision. These are all remedies that are only available through an appeal or judicial review.