Students & Teachers

If you are learning about the Provincial Court you might be interested in these website pages:

  • About the Court - find a variety of information about the Provincial Court
  • Types of Cases - learn about the Court’s work in criminal, youth, family, civil, traffic and by-law cases
  • Court Innovation - see examples of the Court’s efforts to improve the way it does its work
  • Judicial Independence - find out what “judicial independence” means
  • Judicial Officers - learn about the different judicial officers who make up the Court
  • Judgments & Decisions - read judges’ reasons for their decisions in actual cases
  • Judicial Council - learn about the body that screens people applying to be a judge or judicial justice and conducts inquiries into their conduct, in addition to performing other important duties
  • Court Reports - find facts and figures about the Court’s work, its complement of judges, and delays in obtaining trial dates
  • FAQs
  • Useful Links

Other Resources
The BC Courthouse Libraries’ website Clicklaw provides teaching materials, courses, videos and multimedia resources on laws and the legal system.

The Justice Education Society of B.C. offers programs and resources for teachers and youth to learn about the courts. Their Justice System Education Program offers court watching, court orientations, mock trials, sessions with a judge or lawyer, and career and personal planning activities in many B.C. communities.

Grade 11 and 12 students might want to check out . It offers videos about B.C. courts, judicial independence, access to courts, and criminal and civil law concepts.

The People's Law School offers events, booklets and videos about legal issues, some of them in several languages.

There is a useful glossary explaining words and phrases used in court and in legal writing on the New Brunswick Courts’ website. You will also find definitions of common legal terms at B.C. Government Laws - FAQ and definitions of common legal terms.