Small Claims Mediation Practicum

June 18, 1998

If a party, who has been referred to mediation by the Small Claims Mediation Practicum Project, requires an adjournment of that mediation, the party may apply to a registrar under Rule 16 of the Small Claims Rules.

If the registrar grants the adjournment, the registrar will advise the practicum project manager who will advise the other parties and set a new date for the mediation.

Applicants for adjournments should generally be able to show that:

  1. A family emergency renders them unable to attend on the date scheduled.
  2. A pre-arranged commitment out of town cannot be changed due to travel requirements.
  3. The party is required to attend in court at the same time as the mediation.

The reasons for the application must be clearly stated on Form 16 attaching any relevant documents.

Robert W. Metzger
Chief Judge